Our Mission


At Faith we exist to be:-

“A biblical, Spirit led, culturally contemporary church on mission to see lives Won for Christ, Discipled for living and Equipped for ministry in Cape Breton and the wider world." 

We Desire to:- 

  • Be Christians who are passionately following Jesus by living according to the guidance and direction of the Word of God. God has perfectly revealed Himself to us through Scripture and our passion is to equip people to know and walk daily according to its teaching. 

  • Live a Spirit filled and directed life bearing much fruit for the glory of God. Therefore we encourage people to develop intimacy with God through prayer, Bible Study and passionate worship. Alongside of this we are committed to teach and train people both in Christian living and Christian ministry being always open to the provision and direction of the Holy Spirit.

  • Be on mission for Jesus in our local community. The heart of our purpose to the wider world is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both words and actions. We are absolutely committed to finding ways to do culturally contemporary outreach in both "going" to them and "come" to us ministries of evangelism.

  • As of 2024 we have developed a clear strategy to facilitate this vision which includes a church discipleship app - intentional mentoring ministry and planning towards church planting into other towns and villages on this side of the island where there is no vibrant Word founded and Spirit filled congregations. 

Place a balanced emphasis on evangelism, Christian growth, and training for service.

So a Simple summary of our vision is:-

  WIN people for Christ. DISCIPLE people for Living. EQUIP people for Ministry